Here at IMTS Enterprise Solutions PVT LTD, we consider safeguarding your privacy and data our principal objective. This privacy notice clarifies how we protect all personal details we obtain from you or you provide as our supplier, client, associate, website user (, or as a person or organization interacting with us in the course of our business.

There will be occasional updates on our privacy policy, available on our website at Of course, we’ll also be happy to provide you with a copy.

1. Details & Legal Information

IMTS Enterprise Solutions PVT LTD is the controller and responsible for your personal data (collectively referred to as “IMTS”, “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy notice).

In the event of any questions regarding our privacy notice, including any requests to exercise your legal rights, you can contact our data privacy manager, appointed to oversee all questions concerning this and related matters.

Please see below on how to contact our data privacy manager:

Contact Particulars

Our full contact details are as follows:

Address: B 610 Sagar Tech Plaza, Near Sakinaka Metro Station Andheri Kurla Road, Mumbai, 400072, India

Phone: (+91) 22 50647435


Third-Party Links

Our website incorporates links to third-party websites, applications, and plug-ins. By clicking on those links, third parties may gain permission to collect or share data about you. It’s important to note we do not control these websites and therefore bear no responsibility for their privacy statements. As you browse those websites, it’s recommended to study their privacy notice page as well.

2. What Data We Collect & How We Collect It?

We collect, utilise, store, and supply data in the following categories:

Identity & Contact

Personal and identity details such as name, date of birth, copies of ID, as well as your contact details, including postal address, email address, phone numbers, and information relating to a business’s registration in line with KYB and KYC legislation.

All particulars and info are included in a CV, cover letter, and references.

Financial Information

Where applicable for merchants, specifics regarding their bank account, shareholder information, etc.

Technical Information

As you visit our website or contact us via email, technical information such as your IP address, browser details, and device details will be automatically collected;

Transaction Details

Data on services you receive from us.

Marketing & Communications

We collect information regarding your preferred communication channels and your preferences in receiving marketing material.

If we cannot collect personal data from you required by law or under the terms of our contract with you, we may fail to uphold our obligations under our existing and potential contract (e.g., providing services).

Our Data Collection Source

We collect your data from various sources:

  • We collect all types of data listed above directly from you;
  • All above data types are collected directly as a result of your interactions with us;
  • As you interact with our website and email or choose to cancel your subscription, technical data will be automatically collected via cookies or similar technologies.

3. Personal Data Collection Method

We only utilise your personal data in matters authorised by law.

The table below outlines how we apply your personal data in various manners and on what legal grounds we do so. Where appropriate, we have also revealed our legitimate interests in doing so. We apply your personal data in ways such as:

  • Performing our contractual obligations, providing services & undertaking all requisite steps in this endeavour.
  • Performing mutual contractual obligations with you & receiving services from suppliers.
  • Administering service-provision efforts, such as performing contractual obligations.
  • Managing all queries related to previous services provided to you, such as:

(a) Performing contractual obligations.

(b) Requisite data to effectively be able to respond to queries about our services.

  • Managing relationships and interactions with clients, suppliers, or professional contacts, which includes conducting the following:

(a) Keeping you up to date on any changes to our privacy policy terms/conditions.

(b) Asking you to provide reviews or participate in surveys related to our contract with you.

(c) Required toward complying with a legal obligation.

(d) Required toward updating records & reviewing product/service adoption among our clients.

  • Providing you with an opportunity to participate in a competition or complete a survey regarding:

(a) Performing contractual obligations.

(b) Required toward reviewing product/service application among clients, product/service development, and business growth.

  • In all efforts related to managing & protecting our website & business (including data analysis & testing, troubleshooting, maintenance, support, reporting & data hosting), that is:

(a) Required in line with our legitimate interests like business management, administration & IT services, network security, and fraud prevention.

(b) Required toward performing contractual obligations.

  • To deliver relevant website content and advertisements and to measure the effectiveness of the advertising we provide to you or to understand what is necessary for our legitimate interests (to study how customers use our products/services, to develop them, to grow our business, to inform our marketing strategy).
  • To share relevant website content and appropriate ads to you and gauge its effectiveness required in line with legitimate interests (like reviewing product/service application among clients, product/service development, business growth, strategy design).
  • To encourage clients to participate in networking & professional events & keep them on top of any developments in our company.

(a) Consent (in cases you have assented definitive consent)

(b) Required in line with legitimate interests (like product/service development, business growth)

Please note we may employ your personal data for various legal grounds depending on our particular objectives. In case of any questions about these legal grounds, you can contact us. The legal basis provided in the table below allows us to process your personal data.

We will only apply your personal data for our specific, predefined objectives unless we find another purpose in line with the original one that requires utilizing your personal data.

In instances required or permitted by law, we might process your personal data without your knowledge or consent.


To achieve clarity on your desires, needs, and interests, we may utilise your personal data. By doing so, we identify services relevant to you.

If you ask for information from us or subscribe to our services, we will provide you with marketing announcements regarding our products/services and our vacancies. Of course, as soon as you unsubscribe from receiving such communications, we will discontinue sending them. You can also ask to receive such communication by filling out a form on our website.

All marketing messages contain opt-out links and contact information, allowing you to stop receiving them at any time.

Cookies When Using Our Website

Cookies help us improve your experience on our website to the most optimal level. Your periodic visits to our website demonstrate your satisfaction.

4. Personal Information Disclosure

In service of any objective alluded to in the paragraph 3 table, we may disclose your personal data to the following partners:

  • IT and system administration service providers located inside the UK, wider European Economic Area (EEA), or beyond the EEA.
  • Professional and legal advisors, including bankers, lawyers, insurers, and auditors based in the UK or EEA. These advisors will need access to your personal data in order to provide services in their respective fields.
  • Authorities overseeing HM Revenue & Customs and other UK-based officials requiring us to report our processing activities in certain situations.
  • Third parties who may be involved with us in a merger/acquisition/transfer regarding parts of our business or our assets. In the event of any changes in our business, the new owners will comply with the privacy notice in using your personal data.
  • Third-party service providers do not have permission to use your personal data for their own objectives. They are only provided access to your data for their specific objectives and in line with our instructions.

5. International Transfers

We may transfer your personal data to third parties providing services to us based outside the EEA. This includes parties providing IT administration services and hosting services.

We may transfer your personal data to third-party service providers, like those in the IT administration and hosting industry, located outside the EEA.

Whenever such a transfer occurs, we implement at least one of the following measures to offer a similar degree of protection:

  • We receive your explicit consent to the transfer;
  • We transfer data only to countries deemed safe for personal data by the European Commission;
  • We use specific EC-approved contracts offering the equivalent level of protection available in Europe;

6. Data Retention

Whenever our original mission (meeting legal, accounting, and reporting requirements) is complete, we no longer need to retain your personal data.

To provide an appropriate retention timeframe for your personal data, we take into account the following:

  • The volume, nature, and sensitivity of your personal information;
  • The potential risk of unauthorised application or disclosure of your personal data;
  • The objectives of personal data processing and the possibility of fulfilling those purposes by other means;
  • Relevant legal requirements.

In case of any queries regarding our retention periods, please contact our Data Privacy Manager.

7. Your Legal Rights

Data protection laws guarantee certain rights to your personal data in specific circumstances. These rights are outlined below. Our Data Privacy Manager is ready to assist you in exercising the rights outlined above.

You won’t incur any fees to access your personal data (or to exercise your rights). However, we might charge a sensible fee for unfounded, repetitive, or excessive requests. In some instances, we may not accept your requests.

Legal Rights

Under the law, you are entitled to the following rights:

  • Under the data subject access request law, you can ask for access to your personal data. Upon inquiry, you will receive a copy of your personal data at our disposal to confirm our compliance in processing your data.
  • You can request us to correct any inadequacy or inaccuracy regarding your personal data.
  • You may also request us to delete or remove parts of your personal data no longer needed for processing. If you successfully exercise your right to object to data processing, we will delete or remove your personal data.
  • In case anything interferes with your fundamental rights and freedoms during data processing, you have the right to object to processing your personal data where we rely on legitimate interests (or those of a third party). You can also object to personal data processing for direct marketing purposes.
  • You can also request certain limits to be imposed on personal data processing. Under this right, you can suspend data processing in certain situations, for instance, if you are unclear on the accuracy or the reason for data processing.
  • You can request us to transfer your personal data to a third party or yourself.
  • In case data processing hinges on your consent, you may decide to withdraw that consent at any time. If you do so, we may abstain from providing certain information to you.