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Welcome to the thrilling launch of our blog series:Why choose Make in India ERP & Automation systems? 

Get ready to embark on a journey that’s all about turning tech-talk into action, sprinkled with a touch of homegrown ingenuity and a dash of digital magic.  

In this exciting series, we’ll dive headfirst into the world of homegrown innovation, exploring how ‘Make in India’ takes on the digital realm with a twist. We’re here to prove that when it comes to ERP software & Other Automation Systems, we’re not just creating lines of code – we’re creating a symphony of solutions that’s as vibrant as any festival.

From developing cutting-edge solutions for industries to contributing to space research, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, and more, Indian IT brains have been instrumental in shaping the future of not just India, but the entire world. Indian-origin CEOs and executives are present in some of the world’s most prominent tech firms, which can be seen as a testament to their expertise and leadership skills.

India is awesome at technology, yet it is undeniable, that the revenue generated from India for the software systems like ERP of major foreign companies, is insignificant. Consequently, they often overlook the specific needs and requirements of the Indian market.

While Non-Indian ERP software systems offer a range of sophisticated features and capabilities, their implementation in India comes with exceptional difficulties due to various factors. 

Unique Set of Challenges with Non-Indian ERP

1) Different countries have unique regulatory and compliance frameworks that Indian companies may struggle to navigate while using international software systems, affecting overall performance.
2) Cultural nuances and work practices can differ significantly between India and other countries, leading to difficulties in adapting to global ERP standards.
3) Indian companies may have limited experience in dealing with international ERP modules, resulting in inadequate planning and execution.
4) The work around given by the international software’s are cumbersome to use.

Non-Indian ERP systems are Expensive: 

The below chart stands self-explanatory for its high cost of non-Indian ERP / Automation Systems

Skilled Manpower & On-Going Training: 

Skilled Manpower & On-Going Training: –
As software applications become more feature-rich and complex, they require users to possess a certain level of expertise and proficiency, skilled and knowledgeable employees are essential to navigate through its functionalities, interpret data, and extract meaningful analysis from these platforms. Thus, the requirement for high-quality manpower goes beyond mere technical expertise.

The key is to find a balance between leveraging the global capabilities of non-Indian ERP software solutions while addressing the specific needs and complexities of the Indian business environment.
We will get back with more such comparative insight sessions with a desi flavour, where we will discuss business scalability, growth, taxation……
You too can share your thoughts or even better write to us!
Remember, this isn’t just a blog series – it’s a celebration of innovation, a tribute to our roots and a testament to the power of Indian ingenuity.
Let’s make technology sizzle with a touch of Desi flavour – One line of code at a time!

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