Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Multiple applications incurred more human errors and duplication of entries.
  • Inconsistent inventory reporting resulting in inaccurate financials.
  • Prolonged time in taking decisions due to unavailability of real data.
  • Member’s were becoming unsatisfied.

Why SAP and IMTS

  • SAP Business One offered an end-to-end solution with the ability to connect and interact seamlessly with other applications.
  • The Club-Mumbai partnered with IMTS as they carry a decade of expertise with SAP Business One across multiple verticals.

After: Moving towards Intelligent Enterprise

  • With Artificial Intelligence-based cameras, managers can now identify members sentiments, behavior patterns, the last service availed, thus making a strong understanding between Managers and Members.
  • Customer Checkout (POS) integrated with SAP Business One to help to operate more profitably by delivering solutions built with its deep industry experience.
  • End-to-end solutions across all departments. Real-time data empowered managers to make informed decisions.
  • With their mobility solution, they can now engage with members by running events, promotional activities, birthday wishes, booking of halls for events/functions and lot more, integrated with SAP Business One
  • Visualize Data: Multiple applications, Mobility and AI camera’s all integrated into one platform for centralised Management, Turning data Into meaningful Visualizations.

  • Intelligent Enterprise: Multiple applications with Business on Mobile powered by AI camera’s with real time data truly making it Intelligent Enterprise Business Solution.

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