Mobility Services

Mobility Services

Including Mobile ERP and other applications structures, build from the ground up for the mobile users

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Just as Desktop

Mobility Solutions include Mobile ERP, and other applications structures build from the ground up for mobile users.

The main way to use the system is through a mobile device such as a Smartphone or a Tablet instead of a desktop computer.

Like Desktop, the Mobility solutions are a group of integrated applications that a company can use to store, manage and monitor data at every stage of the business.

Mobility Solutions

  • CRM – Lead Management

  • Sales and Purchase

  • Conference Calls

  • Attendance Management

  • Communication Tools

  • Contact Managers

  • Expense Management

  • Password Vaults

  • Business analytics

  • Machine Maintenance

What Makes Us Different


Instantaneous access to work center productivity.


Improved workflow and expedited approval process


Attention towards the customers’ needs and investigations


Anytime access to enterprise and business intelligence


Cloud based applications


Informed decision making


More operational productivity


Value-added communication