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With over 20 years of experience developing and delivering ERP applications, IMTS has partnered with the ERPs of industry best practices with SAP Business One, Zoho, SAP ByDesign, and SAP S/4 HANA applications.

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ERP systems assist finance teams with managing, analyzing, and reporting critical business data. In large, complex organizations, ERP systems are necessary tools for sound financial management.

ERP systems with integrated CRM features bring customer relationship data into the mix, expanding the business’s view. All customer information—including contacts, order history, purchase orders, and prospect status—is in a shared, easily accessible database.

Sales and marketing teams use ERP functions closely with finance and operations colleagues to provide a superior customer experience through the entire sales pipeline.

  • ERP systems create efficiency in manufacturing processes by assisting with product planning, sourcing raw materials, production monitoring, and forecasting. Other components include assembly management, bill of materials, work order management, shop-floor control, distribution planning, and product tracking.

The primary and maybe most significant benefit of ERP is a central view of essential financial, operational, and business data shared across the organization in near-real-time.

ERP provides the ability to automate repeatable business tasks, such as payroll, order processing, invoicing, reporting, and more. Automation minimizes the time spent on manual data entry, reduces errors, and lets employees focus on more value-added tasks.

The power of data analysis enables employees to gather a wide variety of information and spin it into actionable insights—on new business opportunities and ways to optimize current operations, reduce costs, spot fraud, and better serve customers.

ERP platforms allow companies to track, surface, and understand business metrics – a powerful feature.

ERP reporting modules compile information about business operations into reports that empower stakeholders to make more informed decisions, enhance business processes and identify problem areas. Reports may include visual representations, such as charts, graphs, and dashboards, hopefully revealing trends and patterns to improve business results.

The HR component of an ERP system acts as an end-to-end employee management platform, handling payroll, hiring, onboarding, compensation management, and timekeeping

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“We have implemented SAP Business One for our business needs, Our SAP Partners, IMTS has helped us very much during the implementation process. Ever since we have implemented SAP, we have automated the Sales, Purchase and Service p