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Best CRM Software in India

ERP solutions have been a necessity for organizations of all sizes to become more efficient, effective and responsive.

The implementation of ERP solutions is a tremendous undertaking that can impact an organization’s culture, operations and financial performance. It requires an understanding of the company’s business processes, people and technology to be able to design a complete system that provides long-term value.

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What is Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) system?

The right ERP system can do wonders for your company’s efficiency and ROI. is an established and trusted Business Partner that provides both the latest and the most stable versions of the most popular enterprise solutions to meet your business needs and budget.

A CRM system consists of four modules: acquisition, engagement, retention and feedback.

IMTS Solutions is India’s leading ERP Solution Provider that offers an all-encompassing suite of products to businesses of all sizes. Offering solutions for everything from inventory management to accounting to payroll, our ERP solution is the perfect way to manage your company’s operations in one place.

Features of CRM

CRM systems in India have been evolving and developing since the day they were conceptualized. There are many features of CRM that we can implement in our businesses. The first one is to create a dashboard system that allows easy and clear viewing of data and documents. The second is to set up the system in such a way that it calculates intelligence data, like statistics on sales territories, competition levels, and comparisons with other companies.

Benefit of CRM software

CRM software is a management tool that facilitates the communication and coordination of a company’s interactions with its customers. CRM systems, which can be used by a single enterprise or multiple entities that share a common customer base, allow companies to better understand their customers and identify new potential opportunities.

Organizations use CRM software to obtain new leads, create stronger customer relationships, and obtain feedback from their clients. For example, a small business may use a CRM to store information about their new customers and existing customers. This patient information may include, for instance, the patient’s name, address, telephone number, and insurance information. A business owner may use this information to send the customers information, such as reminder notes, invoices, and bills. In addition, a company may use a CRM to track the appointment history of its customers, including the date, time, and location of each appointment.

The following are some of the benefits of using CRM software:

1) Automation of critical processes within organizations

2) Better communication between departments and between departments within an organization

3) Improved information flow within an organization

4) Better knowledge of your customers’ needs and preferences

5) Improved inventory management and traceability

Top CRM software providers

It can be difficult to choose the best CRM for your company when faced with so many great options. Not only do you have to decide which features and functions will actually help your company, but you also need to decide which is the best for your budget. We’ve compiled a list of the best CRM solutions for Indian and International companies in order to make this decision easier.

IMTS has experience in Integrating CRM Solutions



Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management system, or CRM for short. Its features of standard email and chat tools allows you to identify purchase behavior which in turns helps to improve your ads and promotion targeting.

Key Features:

Salesforce offers a wide range of products, all of which work in harmony with each other to help your company seamlessly grow and scale within the platform. This greatly simplifies growth for you.

The features that indicate where clients are in the customer journey.

Intuitive reporting for revenue, average order value, and much more.

A list of settings and widget reports that give different perspectives on client data.

Not just Plug-ins but a “full app store” for customers to optimize your sales process.

Additional features like Salesforce Marketing Cloud for email marketing and Datorama for data visualization.

It can easily integrate with popular tools like Mailchimp, Zapier, Jira and Outlook.

Has an available API.

Best-in-class data security and HIPAA compliance if needed.

Clients: KFC, Godrej, DTDC, HCL, CEAT



This CRM tool is quite flexible in function and in price. It has a range of four monthly price options from $25/user/month to $300/user/month that allows a business to choose according to their financial and business situations. The four options are sales essentials, lightning professional, lightning enterprise, and lightning unlimited. You can get by on the lowest pricing tier if you are a small business or fledgling startup.

Zoho CRM



Zoho CRM empowers a global network of over 250,000 businesses in 180 countries to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow their revenue.

Key Features:

Zoho has a wide range of capabilities like its social media integration with decisions made through automated business processes, which give users multiple ways to tackle different aspects related to client management.

Notifications can be streamlined across multiple channels

You can respond to customers in real time.

Installing and configuring third party integrations such as Google or Facebook is amazingly simple.

Generate leads by using automation in lead scoring process, and drive quality leads to closure.

Create distinct portals for your customers, vendors and partners to let them self-service their requests.

Third party integrations for big names like Google and Facebook are amazingly simple to add and configure.

Has an available API for creating custom application integrations

Add-ons like Zoho Suite and Zoho Project Management allow you to automate and keep track of additional processes.

Clients: KPMG, Times Internet, Apollo Hospitals, Mahindra, L’Oreal


Hubspot CRM



With a focus on inbound marketing and sales, HubSpot offers relationship management solutions for sales funnels, social media, content, and other digital business processes. Since it’s establishment in 2006, it has grown to become one of the most beginner-friendly CRM tools around AND it scales as your company expands. While it is mostly associated with providing solutions for digital marketing processes, it is still effective in other traditional sales processes as well.


HubSpot is a one stop solution for increasing your traffic, converting your visitors to customers and also run end to end inbound marketing campaigns.

Software that helps you succeed with customers and turn them into enthusiasts for your company.

Its user interface is very easy to navigate.

Its sales software gives you deeper insights into your prospects that helps you with faster closures of sales.

Its pre and post sale data tracking features allows you to track the client throughout the purchase journey.


Its pricing is broken down into three categories including the starter, professional, and enterprise packs. The basic plan is free, but you can expect to pay between $50 and $3,000/month depending on the size of your team.

In conclusion, CRM is important for improving customer loyalty. If you are not satisfied with your current CRM, make sure to research what features are needed for your business.

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