Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

With AR/VR, you can Train, service, and sell from anywhere!

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AR & VR Solutions

  • Building Brand Awareness

  • Bridging gap between technical know-how and practical experience

  • Squeeze the most value out of your social media

  • We provide real, practical advice

  • Immersive training
  • Processes are time-tested and field proven

Bringing the In-Store Experience to Consumers’ Homes.

Manifold changes in the face of retail – VR/AR is dramatically changing how retailers do business and how their customers shop, browse and buy. The lines dividing physical and online stores are merging to form a pure-play, integrated retail environment.

Standing Out and Building Brand Awareness.

Consumer shopping patterns can be used to create virtual tours tailored to the expectations of different customer segments. Shoppers can use the headsets to experience a new product or service without being physically present in a store. They could watch a fashion show in real-time, use their HMD to see how they would look in a particular outfit or how a room renovation would look before they decide to move forward.

For retailers, VR and AR headsets can be a tool for squeezing the most value out of the data gathered from social media and mobile apps.

Each time shoppers browse or buy, they will discover a new and better way of shopping. Rationalized product selections will allow shoppers to virtually view, try on or try out items from a digital product catalog and smart shelves, enabling them to make faster, more informed decisions.


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“We are a Lube manufacturing Company and we have implemented SAP Business One with the help of IMTS team. It has benefitted us in a lot of ways. Before implementations we were unable to get sales data, purchase data from various depots we have around the India, due to ERP system, now we are getting all the data and can access it from anywhere on the click of a button”

By Deputy GM – IT of a reputed chemical company