Artificial Inteligence

Artificial Inteligence

FaceValue Application: Facial recognition for Security and Sentiment analysis.

Tailored Slutions to Empowered Business

Face value, powered by SAP business one will be a technology to reckon with, Its journey towards providing an intelligent enterprise solution for hospitality industry will work towards a enhanced customer satisfaction. This will not only increase faithfulness towards the enterprise but also help in increased revenue.

Artificial Inteligence Solutions

  • Identify customers & non-customers via IP cam

  • Register user images through live feed
  • Match captured image with any application DB

  • Show age & sentiment along with the identification

  • Easy-to-use dashboard and analytics

  • Records potential buyers

  • Customizability

AI based camera Artificial Intelligence solution

Identify customers and non-customers, Sentiments, behavior patterns, the last service availed. Our app has a real-time interactive service!

Via IP Cam, it identifies the member or non-member and keeps the count through live feeds. It can click real-time pictures of members who do not have a picture uploaded and register the image through live feeds.

Face captured is matched with any application database through POS/CMS (Club management system Application, developed by IMTS and integrates with any application and result is shown on screen, i.e., Member verified / Not a member, sent as an email, sent as an SMS to respective managers and at the reception.

Along with Identification, it also shows Age, Sentiments of the members.

Back end, it processes the count of this member visiting the club. Camera in a social gathering, helps give them exact count of people which gives accurate numbers for billing purpose

For example, If client visits for the 7th time in a month, an email goes to the specified manager.

Application camera used in the Sales department is used to record the person who shows interest in buying the membership.



Solution Technology

Tensor flow, Python, Java


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“We have implemented SAP Business One for our business needs, Our SAP Partners, IMTS has helped us very much during the implementation process. Ever since we have implemented SAP, we have automated the Sales, Purchase and Service process and IMTS has been helpful throughout the process. Today, we are able to take decisions on run time and the procurement part where actual inventory lies up in multi-crores, we have cut down the cost significantly. IMTS team has always been just a call away whenever we need their help.”

By MD of a Reputed Manufacturing Organization
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