Unscrambling myths from reality!!!

The word ‘Cloud’ is as real as it gets in today’s competitive world. Without

a doubt, cloud ERP is the quickest deployment model for an ERP which offers reduced cost, scalability and over-the-air updates – FAST, yes that’s the word.

It opens up a whole new world of customer collaboration, which is rapid and easily reachable to its audience. As they say, World is getting smaller by the day, literally speaking!!!

Did you know, in spite of these desirable advantages, organizations are still uncertain about embarking on their transformational journey to move on a cloud ERP.

In this blog, the myths will be crushed, and reality will emerge. Let there be light!!!

Where there is benefit, there is cost associated with it, obviously.

Most organizations, unaware of the benefits which a cloud deployment can bring, give their verdict as ‘Cloud is Expensive’.

We at IMTS work with such organizations, understand their current IT spends, and work towards a Cost v/s Benefit model. This will help the

business organisation understand the quantifiable value which a cloud deployment can bring.

IMTS will help you create a business case, by understanding the specific requirements of your organisation and provide you with details

on how your investment on cloud would help curb current costs and re-position your business giving the desired tangible benefit

Cyber-attacks, Data thefts in today’s digital world is a big reality!!!


Cloud myths from reality


Where the benefits loom large for a digital connect using Cloud, there are security concerns, if remain unplugged can create Havoc. Myth being, ‘this has occurred, because our data was on cloud, the reality is, they were due to human negligence, not upgrading or installing security patches, and yes this can happen on your precious ‘on premise setup’ as well. We now know, what you need!!!

Enter, IMTS’s Cyber Ninja’s (yes we call them that!!!) Their expertise provides that additional level of monitoring & security, which protects the cloud deployments against these cyber-attacks.

Our guaranteed uptime, regular security audits & disaster recovery model will ensure No service disruptions

Few months back, in one of our ‘Customer – We Care’ visits, one of our customers, with his clunky

On-premise deployment, raised this ever so discerning question, ‘What if the cloud deployment would slower my systems performance?

What if my employees would take time to churn out that the ever so important MIS reports?

We at IMTS, took these questions as a challenge, we deployed our Cyber Ninja’s (here they come again), at ground zero, what came to light was astonishing.

Each user spent at least 20 – 30 minutes of his time in incumbent activities such a connecting to the application, waiting for the report to load, that’s 120 hrs per year time of a single user.

Our diagnosis and remedy – The clunky old server had outgrown its glory days and was ageing rapidly towards extinction. The customer was given an

option of upgrading to a new server, upgrade the software’s, manage, maintain, The customer did realize, this is an expensive and a recurring one.

Alternatively we suggested him to move to IMTS cloud, hesitantly, battling his fears, the plunge was taken. What happened next, few days of getting used to, few users lost in transition: change is always not so pleasant, is it?

But one month, down the line, with the cloud streamlined towards their usage,

all his concerns were addressed. A happy customer, happy users – Mission accomplished!!!

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